Genetics in Oncohematology

The Molecular Genetics in OncoHematology group has an extensive experience on the comprehensive study and understanding of the genetic basis of haematological neoplasias using cytogenetic and molecular biology techniques, in order to translate these results to clinical and therapeutic applications.

About Us

Our group provides support on genetic testing through karyotypic analysis, fluorescence “in situ” hybridization, comparative genomic hybridization, microarrays and next generation sequencing of cancer patients, to more than 100 hospitals in Spain, and occasionally others from the EU.

We collaborate with the most relevant groups in the treatment of the hematological malignancies such as Pethema, GEL-TAMO, GEM or GETH providing technical support and the characterization of the genetic abnormalities in the patients included in clinical trials.

Research Lines

Our main lines research are:

  • Comprehensive genomic and epigenomic studies
  • Gene Editing & Screening using CRISPR technology
  • Pharmacogenomics of new drugs used in cancer therapy
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Solid tumour cytogenetics

We work on the determination of molecular markers with a diagnostic and prognostic interest, the identification of genetic mechanisms related to the pathogenesis of malignant haematological disorders, as well as towards the integration of genomic high-throughput technologies for the study of cancer.

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We are always interested in meeting prospective post docs, pre docs and students. If you are interested in joining us, please email the following information to email.
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